I've got a head of grey hair and a lump of soil in my hand, signs of more than 25 years of horticultural obsession.


I am committed to organic principles and love sharing knowledge with amateurs and professionals. I am Head of Horticulture and Agroforestry at the Soil Association where I support our network of growers and promote organic principles and techniques.


Alongside my role at the Soil Association I get involved in all sorts of other projects, like writing books and articles, and on farm advice and project management.


I’m co-chair of Defra’s edible horticultural roundtable and on the board of the Organic Growers Alliance and the Community Supported Agriculture Network UK


My latest project is a highly experimental Agroforestry planting at Eastbrook Farm, home of Helen Browning Organics. We are putting in a range of nut, fruit and other trees in a 200 acre silvopastoral system; first trees went in autumn 2016.